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Mining the Digital Landscape, Engaging Communities of Color

So we know a few things about these digital platforms: A) There is an immediacy and ability to mobilize or respond vs. the top-down structure of the museum B) They collectivize people across institutions C) They archive and preserve (tag, url) But that’s the platform…What about the people? What we see is, communities of color […]

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Planting Seeds, Finding Roots

Did you miss me?!…Back from Europe and I have so much on my mind––if only I could tip my head and dump it all out––so I apologize now if this post is longwinded. I made an expedition to Germany for 2 weeks to visit a cousin. The only things on my itinerary: see as many museums as possible and explore my surroundings. The rest would come as my trip unfolded. I started my trip in Frankfurt, Germany, where I would be staying in a wonderful hostel in Frankfurt’s Red Light District (yes, that district).

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