2015 Summer of BGMB!

The Memorial Day weekend has finally launched us into the summer season of weekend vacays and outdoor shenanigans (and not a moment too soon for this southwesterner). Ravon and I are totally ready to put our summer plans in motion: traveling, reading, writing, taking photos, and exploring museums all around us. If you’re following us on Twitter or staying up with the blog, you might already know some of what we’re planning between now and August, but below you’ll find the full list of what we’ll be up to, both together and separately, and some information on how you can share your adventures with us by guest blogging!Ravon

  • In Chicago until the end of May to tour the Chicago museum scene and the rest of what the city has to offer. Check out her Twitter for more details!
  • June will be the month of local tourism for Ravon; after she gets back to DC, she’ll explore the local events, monuments, and museums more closely.
  • Stay close, she may have some more trips up her sleeve…


  • It’s travel season for me! I’m going on a two-week European trip in mid-June, where I’ll spend a week in Bristol, England, then three days in Hanover, Germany, and back to Brighton, England! If I can make it to one museum in each city I’ll count the trip a success.
  • Brighton, England, is also the home to the Practices of (in)Visibility conference where I’ll be delivering my paper, “Ni Una Más: Performance, Identity, and Violence at the El Paso-Ciudad Juárez Border.”
  • And of course, you better believe I’ll be at the July 4 Nationals game against the Giants! It’s a D.C. tradition for me.

BGMB Trips

  • Philadelphia — it’s crazy that Philly is only 2 hours away by train, but I’ve only been there for work and Ravon has never been at all! We’re planning on heading up there for a weekend this summer to check out the Liberty Bell, Chinatown, and more. Suggestions are always welcome (and don’t hold out on where to eat)!
  • NYC — it’s even more crazy that neither of us have taken advantage of this major museum city. Our eyes are pretty focused on El Museo and Museum of Contemporary African Diasporic Arts (MoCADA), for obvious reasons, but we won’t say no to seeing what else the city has to offer.

The Collective — Open Submissions!

With all our travel plans in mind, we are excited to finally open submissions for the BGMB blog, turning our project into a collective with the great community that has supported us. If you have summer plans that will lead you into museums, out of complacency, or otherwise contribute to the BGMB mission of advocating for emerging scholars in representation, humanities, and lived experiences, we would love to hear about it!

Check out the submission guidelines here, and don’t be afraid to reach out via email or social media with questions and ideas.

We can’t wait to hear from you all — happy summer!


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