Why Work With Us

The Brown Girls Museum Blog brought a younger, hipper perspective to our museum than I ever could, and opened a dialogue about how our museum can become a more inclusive community organization—serving a diverse public that may not have been enculturated to museum-going as a pastime, and welcoming fresh perspectives on the interpretation of objects in the collection. They opened our eyes to a host of new possibilities.

– Aimee Hunt, Associate Academic Curator, Fralin Museum of Art


Ravon Ruffin and Amanda Figueroa’s Brown Girls Museum Blog is a fierce, thoughtful crash course in what it means to be young, brown, and charting the future of the museum field.

– Nina Simon, Museum 2.0


Brown Girls Museum Blog has been a breath of fresh air in the world of art and culture. Their style of narrating culture and convening communities illustrates the untapped potential of amplifying marginalized voices in museums.

– Adriel Luis, Curator of Digital and Emerging Media, Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center


I have worked with Amanda and Ravon since early October 2015 when they covered The Food of Oman, an event I led here at the National Museum of African Art that they covered on their blog. Both Amanda and Ravon are bright and industrious young women; who, through their blog, give the minority voice value and agency. I applaud their efforts and look forward to future partnerships. It has been a pleasure working with them.

– Nicole D. Shivers, Project Curator and Education Specialist, National Museum of African Art


Brown Girl Museum Blog is reimagining cultural institutions in a way that invites us to move from spectator to participant. As a black feminist cultural producer this is radical and important.

– Jess Solomon, Art in Praxis