Press About Us

Ravon and Amanda utilize photography and the written word as space-making tools to help diverse groups of people envision themselves as part of museum audiences and as museum professionals. Their fresh use of the now-ubiquitous museum selfie helps re-frame stereotypes about who museum visitors are and who they can be. They also create community in the digital space by talking frankly about their experiences as young women of color navigating graduate school, work, and self-care in the DC area.

“A Blog Committed to Space-Making and Equity,” Nicole Ivy, PhD, Center for the Future of Museums, Alliance of American Museums


Ravon Ruffin & Amanda Figueroa are consultants. Together, they’ve created the Brown Girls Museum Blog (or BGMB) which cultivates inclusionary practices for museums through social media, speaking engagements, collaborative partnerships, community advocacy, and content services. What started as a conversation transformed into a platform that aims to solve the one of the most pressing challenges with the art world.

“Turning Thoughts into Actions: the Presence of Brown Girls Museum Blog”, Hillary Bonhomme, Creative Capital


There are 35,000 museums in America, but only 95 of them are dedicated to or celebrate black and brown individuals. Recently, I came across Brown Girls Museum Blog, a museum that sheds light on two… you guessed it—brown girls’ appreciation and experiences in the museum industry. Ravon Ruffin and Amanda Figueroa built a museum community of people like them and are interested museum minority experiences.

“The Brown Girls Museum Blog: Two Brown Girls Blogging about Museums, American Studies, and Washington D.C.” Girl Museum